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CryoPen is the number one choice for skin lesion removal for its ability to deliver quick, safe and effective results. It works by delivering a precise jet of nitrous oxide directly onto skin lesions to precisely freeze the lesion and preserve the surrounding, healthy tissue.

Cryopen Aylesbury Buckinghamshire


The CryoPen device is ideal to take from room to room or between clinics. This makes it the perfect add-on treatment as it does not require its own treatment room. This means practitioners can add a CryoPen treatment into other facial/body treatments with ease.

How is CryoPen able to treat a variety of skin lesions?

The CryoPen device includes multiple interchangeable applicators. The various applicators respond to the different sizes of lesions that practitioners will be confronted with. Treatment of the healthy tissue can easily be avoided due to the applicator’s pin-point precision, which makes it a stress-free procedure. When necessary, practitioners can select an applicator to allow them to carry out deeper treatments which will promote more effective results for larger lesions and reduce time-consuming, repeat visits.

Mostly after treatments, you will not be able to notice where the skin problem was located, however, there are some instances that you may be able to notice really small white spots, this is perfectly normal and healthy and may diminish over time.

Cryotherapy will allow for less blood in the affected area of the skin, reduce redness, inflammations, puffiness, irritability and the list goes on. All of this simply translates into rejuvenated skin that you can feel good about, after the cryotherapy stages of healing.

These types of professional treatments are much more recommended and safe than freezing age spots at home.

How does it differ from liquid nitrogen?

While liquid nitrogen works at a colder temperature (-196°C), compared to CryoPen’s nitrous oxide, which works at -89°C – the extreme temperature that liquid nitrogen works at is not required. Cell destruction in all benign tissues is achieved at -62°C, therefore nitrous oxide is sufficient to destroy any lesion without risking damage to the surrounding tissue. The excessive power of liquid nitrogen is not required and may well be an obstacle when treating verrucae and molluscum contagiosum in children, and when the treatment of aesthetic imperfections is needed.

What about other skin lesion removal treatments?

CryoPen treatments require no anaesthesia and have less scarring than other techniques of skin lesion removal, with minimal post-op care. Treatment times are fast and can perfectly be integrated into daily practice.

How many treatments might I need?

You may need more than one treatment to make sure the lesion has completely gone, every two weeks we will hold a review to see how the area is heeling and treat again if necessary.

Cryopen Aylesbury Buckinghamshire

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