Laser Thread Vein Removal.

Thread Vein Removal Aylesbury Buckinghamshire

Although thread veins on the face, body and legs are incredibly common, we understand that they can be embarrassing and you may dislike their appearance to the point that you would like them removed.

Although there are a number of treatment options for thread vein removal, one of the most effective and lasting options is laser treatment. Here at the Mi:Skin Laser Clinic we use the Gentle Max Pro laser because we feel it gives the best outcomes.

  • Cutting-edge treatment option for thread veins on the face and body
  • Comfortable treatment
  • Fast & effective
  • No anaesthetic required
  • No downtime & proven safety record

    Laser therapy is proven to be a highly effective way of improving the appearance of thread veins or even destroying them altogether. The treatment is non-invasive, has an excellent safety record, and requires no downtime.

    The key benefits of laser thread vein treatments when compared to other treatment options include:

    • Virtually pain-free
    • Non-surgical
    • Minimal risk of side effects
    • Safe, comfortable and fast
    • Long-lasting results
    • No downtime
    What are thread veins?

    Thread veins – also referred to as telangiectasia, spider veins or broken veins – are tiny blood vessels that run close to the surface of your skin. Despite the name ‘broken veins’, they are, in fact, not broken but enlarged, which is what makes them visible. Thread veins are typically red or purple in colour and look like a network of small, wiggly lines. They usually appear on the cheeks, nose, and legs.

    What causes thread veins?

    Despite affecting one in five of us in our 20s, 50% of us in our 40s, and over 70% of the age 70-plus population, we still aren’t 100% sure what causes thread veins. They are believed to be linked to changes in temperature, hormonal changes, smoking, alcohol consumption, genetics, and prolonged standing.

    It’s also thought that thread veins become more prominent as we get older because our skin and blood cells lose their elasticity and are more vulnerable to becoming enlarged.

    How does laser thread vein removal work?

    The Nd:YAG applicator for the Gentle Max Pro laser emits light energy into the targeted thread veins, which converts to heat that destroys the walls of the veins without affecting the healthy surrounding cells. This causes the thread veins to collapse and breakdown until they are harmlessly absorbed by your body. With the Nd:YAG applicator, we have full control over the pulse intensity and duration of the laser to ensure that we only heat the damaged areas.

    How many treatment sessions will I need?

    The number of sessions you need will depend on your individual case and the extent of your thread veins. Typically, we recommend six to eight treatment sessions, each of which will take 30 to 45 minutes.

    Can you remove varicose veins using laser therapy?

    Larger thread veins and varicose veins typically need a different treatment method, such as sclerotherapy. Laser treatment is unlikely to be suitable in veins above a certain size. We would recommend that you visit us for an initial consultation so that we can give you the right advice and recommendations for your individual case.

    Are there any side effects?

    You may experience a mild stinging sensation during the procedure – most people describe it as feeling like the snapping of a rubber band against the skin – and the treatment area may feel hot for 15 minutes or so post-treatment. You may also find that skin looks slightly red for an hour or so.

    Is laser thread vein removal safe?

    Laser treatments using an ND:yag laser have an excellent safety record and are considered to be low risk, especially in the hands of an experienced laser practitioner.

    Is there anything I should do after treatment?

    There’s no downtime after a laser treatment. We recommend that you wear a high factor sunscreen (SPF 30+) to help protect your skin from unwanted pigment changes.

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