Exilis treatment uses radio frequency to encourage the production of collagen and can also be used on the body to target fat cells and reduce the appearance of of cellulite.

It is the most advanced technology for tightening loose and sagging skin, reducing wrinkles and shaping body.

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Hydratight One Concern Area and Hydrafacial, Lower Face, Upper Face, Full Face, Eyes or Lips, Neck & Jaw, Hands, Arms, Love Handles/Bra Rolls/Saddle Bags, Neck/Chest, Stomach Upper/Lower, Thighs or Buttock, Exilis Full-Face inc Neck x4, Love Handles/Bra Rolls/Saddle Bags x4, Lower Face, Upper Face x4, Neck/Jaw x4, Hands x4, Arms x4, Neck/Chest x4, Stomach Upper/Lower x4, Thighs or Buttock x4, Eyes & Lips x4